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Repare Therapeutics

  • Positioning Research
  • Campaign Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Channel Design
  • Presentation Template Design

Design Partner: Spirolab

Repare Therapeutics is a leading precision oncology company leveraging its proprietary synthetic lethality (SL) approach to discover and develop novel SL-based oncology therapeutics.

Repare selected 22 Fillmore to overhaul the company’s website, putting a particular emphasis on connecting the ingenuity and precision of Repare’s science with the potential life-changing benefits it could bring to patients.

The full scope of work included creating a corporate positioning campaign, designing and developing the corporate website, and extending the visual design to the company’s social media properties and its corporate presentation template.

The “Insight that enriches” creative platform was introduced with the launch of the company’s full-featured website which also features original photography from its Montreal and Boston offices.

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