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Express Yourself

We are a brand consultancy that helps companies compete by letting their personalities shine.

22 Fillmore is a San Francisco Bay Area branding firm specializing in strategic positioning, identity design, and digital development. We work with organizations to find their voice, shape their image, and express their value.

Our clients run the gamut from venture-backed startups to mid-cap public companies, spanning multiple verticals from healthcare to high-tech. However, they all have one thing in common: they are passionate about their business and their culture, and they approach their brand identity as a source of competitive advantage.

22 Fillmore was founded by Tom Haan, a creative agency veteran who cut his teeth in the agency world back in the early dot-com days and has spent over 20 years working with clients in a strategic consulting capacity. Tom takes a hands-on approach to every client engagement and taps into his network of creative and technology partners to extend the core offering.

While 22 Fillmore takes its craft seriously, it does not take itself too seriously. We have fun doing what we do because we love it. We look to collaborate with clients and partners who have a similar mindset so we can enjoy doing great work together!

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